Equity Products

GNC’s Equity strategies are currently offered as separately managed accounts. We can work with your existing custodian or broker-dealer or recommend one to you.

Small Cap

GNC’s Small Cap strategy includes approximately 50 stocks in each portfolio. Small Cap is benchmarked to the Russell 2000 Index.


SMID Cap uses the same investment process as Small Cap to create a 50 stock portfolio comprised of both small and mid cap stocks. SMID Cap is benchmarked to the Russell 2500 Index.

Fixed Income Product

Tactical Duration

Tactical Duration is a core cash management strategy that seeks to provide enhanced returns to the T-Bill index, investing in U.S. Treasuries and Agencies with maturities of five years or less, using no derivatives or leverage. Tactical Duration uses quantitative modeling to exploit inherent pricing anomalies on the short end of the yield curve, capturing the resulting “capital gains.”

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